Sunday, July 24, 2011

Convention swaps

Hello stamp friends! Happy Sunday to you! I'm trying to avoid going out in this heat today, which gives me some time to catch up on things. I've been having a hard time getting back into the groove since coming back from Convention. I was so wound up for so long about going, so it's a big let down now that it's over! Convention was awesome! It was everything I thought it would be and more. A break from the norm, a chance to have fun and let loose, (I didn't have to worry about my boys, since my hubby took the week off to spend time with them. He's such an awesome dad!) meeting new people, including getting to say hi and introduce myself to some of my favorite stampers from the blogs that I follow. (Patty Bennett, Dawn Olchefske, Robin Merriman, Tiffany Bauer, Lyssa Zwolanek & Mary Fish) All were so very kind. I saw Diana Gibbs and was in such shock, I accidently called her Donna. I could have slapped myself. LOL! She just smiled and waved. So sweet.

We arrived on Tuesday and after a 5-hour flight, we picked up our rental car and got on the highway heading for our hotel. I just couldn't believe the majestic sight. Despite temps in the 90's, the mountains were snowcaped. I said "Look at this scenery!" and I screamed! My two roommates just laughed at me. You'd think I never get out. LOL! We dropped off our luggage and went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Then we relaxed the rest of the evening.

On Wednesday we went to the Stampin' Up! Headquarters in Riverton and took a tour of the building. There were numerous displays to look at. We got to see the Distribution Center and see how the orders are handled. We even got to walk through the office, which was decorated with cards and projects for inspiration. Afterwards, we went to the Gathering Place and swapped cards until the Kick Off Party began. When it was over, we walked back to our hotel and relaxed until we fell asleep. We were exhausted from all of the festivities that day. Unfortunately, I didn't get much sleep. The bed was so comfortable, but I just couldn't calm myself down for some reason.

Here are the two swaps that I made for Convention. I made 25 of the Fabulous Florets card and 48 of the Scaredy Cat Halloween card. Everyone seemed to like them, so I was very happy about that:)

On Thursday, we went to our first General Session where there was entertainment, etc. They also showed us some of the new products. Then they had Prize Patrol for the new "Simply Scored". (If you have not seen this yet, it's so much nicer than all of the others I've seen!) I can remember looking down at my bracelet and seeing orange & white checkers and saying to myself "Come on orange & white checkers!" and when they appeared on the screen, I jumped out of my seat and scream out loud! My upline Becky took this shot of me after I got it.

I still can't believe I won Prize Patrol at my very first Convention:)

I have to run for now, but I will be back to share more from Convnetion, including some of my favorites from the swaps I received. I hope you're having a great weekend:)


  1. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog. Your swap cards are wonderful! I bet you had a super time at the convention.

  2. Glad you had a great convention! wasn't it fantastic? : ) Have a great day! Lyssa

  3. Loved having you as a roomie!! It was so fun having girls week together. Until next time....Love You Girl!!

    Jen Martin


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