Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Demo Stamp Day!

Hello Stamp Friends!

Once a month our little group gets together for a shoebox swap. These were the cards from February. I wanted to hurry up and share these, because we will be getting together again on Thursday for this month. Please note that we sometimes case our favorite cards and if I know who the card was cased from, I will give a link back to their blog, if I don't know and you see your card here, please bring it to my attention, so I can give credit where it is due:) 

(Cathleen M.)
Cathleen cased a card from Brandy Cox's blog. It was based on a card designed by Mary Fish. Cathleen changed her colors slightly.

(Karin T.)


and I cased my card from Jayne Singleton's blog. I thought it was so cute. I love the pinwheel!

I hope you have enjoyed today's card share and I hope you have a great day!

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